Amateur Radio

How I got started

I've been thinking of getting started with amateur radio on and off for many years, and late 2016 I read about Travis Goodspeed and his hacked Tytera MD380 DMR Radio and decided I really wanted one and an amateur radio license so I could play with those radios.

I started to look up what I needed to get a license and found PTS online test sample and started doing them several times a day and trying to look up the things I got wrong. After a while, I felt I knew enough to book a test, so I googled around and found that a nearby radio club (SK5AA) was having a course. I asked if I could do the test when the course participants did, and I could so I did. The test went well and a few days later I got my license and signal. The week after I got a pair of Retevis RT8 GPS DMR radios (same as TYT MD390).

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