Pagers is a bit old technology, and was really cool stuff until mid 90's. I still find them pretty cool, they are small, low power and quite reliable. I will collect some links and resources on the pagers i get my hands on here.

Motorola Advisor

Motorola Advisor is an alpha pager with a 4 line backlit display supporting up to 4 RIC codes.

Motorola Advisor RIC code checker

There are some rules for Motorola Advisor codes, this will help you check that your codes will work together.

  • RIC is 7 digits. 0000008-2007663, 20077672-2045055, 2045064-2097143 are valid (not checked).
  • Code A & B must be in same frame.
  • Code C & D must be in same frame.
  • Pager must have Code A.
  • To have code D, you also need code C.
  • Frame of A must be smaller than frame of C.
Code A0
Code B0
Code C0
Code D0